Pre & Post Matrimonial investigation

Understanding the Importance of Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigations

Happiest is the woman or man who discovers a soul mate and a true partner in their spouse! Needless to state, a successful marriage assures a beautiful life. And in this world of cybercrimes, investigation before an arranged marriage (or for love marriage) is a prerequisite.

Almost everyone has trust issues these days, so tying the knots with a stranger may seem unsafe. And no parent would want to avoid pre-marriage inquiry, especially during this Internet-centric world where investigations get performed easily. The only requirement is to hire a matrimonial investigation service provider to undergo a comprehensive background check and other essentials.

Note that post-matrimonial investigations are also as important as pre-matrimonial inquiry. If someone does not give importance to pre-matrimonial checks, that’s where the problems may arise. That may also result in post-matrimonial conflicts. For these reasons, you can consult an investigator post the wedding. Here in this post, let’s discuss the importance of pre- and post-matrimonial investigations as outlined in the following narration.

Importance of Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation

As marriage is the much-awaited event of someone’s life, parents should properly investigate the selected candidate’s family background and habits. Similarly, matrimonial investigations can also help you when you face challenges adjusting with someone not capable of staying for a lifetime. Here are the reasons why pre and post matrimonial investigation can be helpful.

Firstly: Ensures whether the person has an affair

If the individual is in a relationship with someone even after being a decent match for someone else, that person is unsuitable. A seasoned investigator will survey to ensure whether they are having an affair with someone else or not. 

Secondly: Drug Abuse or Other Inappropriate Habits

Before finalizing the marriage, everything appears to be a dream. However, problems only arise right after two to three years of marriage. That’s the time when the truth does not stay hidden any further. If you think your spouse is lying to you, you can catch them up by consulting the detective agency. On the contrary, for pre-matrimonial investigations, the expert will perform & in-depth research on:

  • Abusive behaviour
  • Drinking habits
  • Involvement in drugs and other things

Thirdly: Character Verification and Background Check

The character or trait of a person can get investigated with the help of a competent detective agent. Moreover, the investigation throws an insightful understanding of his/her friend circle and social circle. Whether it’s a past behaviour or daily routine, reactions or whereabouts: an agency studies everything in detail.

Fourthly: Criminal History

When it comes to the pre-matrimonial investigation, police verification tends to be an important part. Note that it’s the most crucial reason why you require opting for the pre-matrimonial inquiries. A clean criminal record is a green signal, yet something as unimportant as trespassing allegations may become a dispute. 

Fifthly: Temperament

Anger issues, seizures, and a history of medical disorders are the most prevalent problems in the current modern world. So, it’s imperative to ask for the behavioural details before you decide on marrying that person.

Sixthly: Post-Marriage Investigations & Reasons for Divorce

One should be more cautious about remarriages. So, they need to find out the reasons why the selected candidate got divorced for their first marriage. In these cases, the investigator accesses the documents in the police station and court. Besides, they discuss with the neighbours and even ask about the ex-wife or husband (if and when required).

Wrapping up

The Indian society happens to be conventional. So, ensuring that you find a perfect match for your child is vital to keep them happy for the rest of their lives. And who would ever deny: happiest is the man or woman who finds a best friend and a perfect soul mate in their spouse?