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Investigation par excellence: Expert private detectives at your service
We are a team of efficient private detectives who offer a wide range of detective and surveillance services to organizations, corporates, and individuals. As a private detective agency in the country, we are committed to helping corporates and individuals with proper evidence, facts, and proof that help them make an informed decision to counter any problem coming their way. 
Personal Level Detective Services
Our unique network and a seasoned band of employees have proven on the job track record. We have satisfied clients with our work in investigating cases related to matrimonial (Pre and Post), burglary, theft, personal dispute, and more. Our specially trained undercover agents will get you all the details you want, without the suspect knowing about the investigation you are running. 
Corporate Level Detective Services
Our seasoned detectives are also ready to offer their expert opinions and advice and provide practical guidance on an ongoing basis for any corporate-level issues such as competitor’s business investigation, corporate disputes, etc. With us by your side, resolving disputes and confusion will feel easier than ever before. So, let our strength of detection give you the strength you need to solve your issues.
We offer detective services for all Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) related matters like copyright and trademark infringements, patents, etc. Our team comprises experts who have years of experience in this field. You can be assured that you’re hiring the best people for the job.
If you need surveillance services for any purpose, we are here for you. Do you suspect your spouse of not being entirely truthful to you? Or, is it about pre-employment verification? You name it and we are on it! Contact our proficient professionals today to get the job done with utmost finesse and expertise. We are here to serve you to the best of our abilities

Why choose us?
As your trusted private and corporate detectives, we offer the following promises in all the cases that we deal with:
•    Complete confidentiality guaranteed: All the information you offer us and we gather will be kept private
•    Excellency of the services on offer: We offer dependable, comprehensive, and accurate information and investigation services.
•    Scheduled time frame for the work: We will get you the details you are looking for in the shortest possible time.
•    Experienced group of experts: We have a seasoned group of experts catering to your demands and getting the job done like you expect it to be.
•    Submission of a detailed report: We will submit you a detailed report, along with all the concrete proof that we have gathered.

Why Choose Us

Our specialties:

Our specialty is that we have a highly professional and well-trained detective team all over India to do surveillance and inquiry in investigation and detective cases.  Our detective team knows very well how to utilize the provided information and from where and how to collect useful details to solve the case and is well known for the latest detective technology.